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Why 1:1?

Today’s learners are engaged in the use of technology to a far greater extent than ever before. They connect socially, pursue interests and information, and share ideas quickly.

Integrating technology and great instruction allows students to connect with people, places, and ideas in the context of the school curriculum.

Our children want to be involved and have a voice. Student use of technology in the classroom teaches them how to collaborate with others responsibly, evaluate information, and develop products that spotlight their understanding and abilities.

Students will be expected to have these skills as they enter a competitive workforce. Their experiences in the technology-connected classroom provide them with the confidence and skill to be successful.

Internet Access at Home

  • Students who don’t have wifi access at home have the ability to work offline on a variety of Google Drive tools if offline access on the chromebook is set-up prior to leaving school.
    Directions to work offline.

  • Students without wifi at home should work with their teacher to identify other options within the building to access wifi.

  • Internet Essentials from Comcast is a program that offers eligible families affordable internet access at home.

Responsible Use

The Belvidere School District uses technology resources to support student learning needs. Use of the District's technology resources is a privilege and could be taken away or removed if not used appropriately. Expectations for responsible use are briefly described in the documents below. These expectations are to be reviewed regularly with students in order to insure the safety of our students and to make the best use of the District's investment in technology.

1:1 Handbook

1:1 Handbook Spanish



Tips for Parents

  • Identify a common space and develop a routine to charge the Chromebook overnight to ensure your child takes a fully charged device to school every day.

  • Chromebook cases prevent damages. Students are required to carry the Chromebook in its case to and from school and during the school day.

  • Chromebooks issued by Belvidere School District are monitored by GoGuardian and must be logged into using a District account.

  • Remind your child that Chromebooks are issued to students for academic use. Ask your student to follow the Teacher Rule: If you wouldn’t do it with your teacher there, then you shouldn’t when you’re alone.

  • The best Internet filter is adult supervision. Internet and technology use is best monitored when used in a central place at home.

  • Look at ALL open tabs. These shortcuts can be used to monitor browsing activity.

  • Students are able to visit the Chromebook Station in their school library if they are experiencing issues with their device. However, many Chromebook issues can be solved by having a student sign out of their Chromebook and then log back in. Try that first!

  • Students should report a missing Chromebook to the Chromebook Station immediately. This gives us the best chance of recovering it.

Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?

How to Keep your Google Account Secure

Internet Safety - National Crime Prevention Council

Training Resources

Chromebook Basics

Chromebook Basics

How to use Chrome Webstore



Canvas Basics

Access to Canvas

How to Videos for Canvas

Parent Observer Account

Chrome Basics

Multiple Chrome Accounts on a PC

Frequently Asked Questions

The Belvidere School District strongly believes that 1:1 classrooms enhance the educational experience for a child. Technology integration increases a student's ability to stay engaged, stay organized, and allows for greater opportunities of collaboration between peers and outside experts. Classrooms that interact with resources and experts in the outside world allow for richer discussions, higher level thinking, and engagement that is not always possible in a traditional classroom setting.

Summer Resources

Duolingo (3-5 grade, Spanish)
Learning Hero (K-8 grade, Geared towards parents helping their children, English and Spanish)
Math Playground (K-5 grade, Math)
Teach Your Monster to Read (PreK-3 grade, Reading)

For additional resources click on this link.

Textbook Links

Envision Math